Monday, December 17, 2012

Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines

Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines
Conference Abstracts

See Keynote Panel below:

Keynote Panel Discussion (90 mins)
Maintaining Balance in Research Climates for Indigenous Academics
Paul Whitinui (Chair), School of Maori and Indigenous Studies, University of Canterbury,
The four keynote speakers for this conference will speak on ways of Maintaining Balance in
Research Climates for Indigenous Academics. The conference committee has provided six
questions to help shape the nature and scope of the panel discussion. The questions for
consideration include:
1. How might one balance the cultural demands from indigenous scholars' host
communities with institutional demands from the dominant academic culture?
2. How do indigenous scholars maintain their own sense of community within their host
culture while working for mainstream academic institutions?
3. How does privilege work into establishing a viable research climate in "the
4. What is your concept/notion of reciprocity in doing research? What notion should we
strive for as academics?
5. As an academic, how do you manage institutional positioning of yourself as "the
6. How have things changed for indigenous scholars in academia since, roughly, the
new millennium?
Keynote Panel Speakers:
Rogelia Pe-Pua, The University of New South Wales, Head of School, School of Social
Sciences and International Studies
Ahukaramū Charles Royal, Professor of Indigenous Development, University of Auckland
Anoop Nayak, Professor in Social and Cultural Geography, University of Newcastle
Ruth Behar, Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan.

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