Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drumming for Babaylan sponsors and volunteers

Literally, if I had a drum, I'd be drumming for volunteers right now, hoping that you will step forward and dance with us. For as Agnes Miclat-Cacayan writes about the babaylan: "she dances in wholeness."

We have this beautiful vision for the Babaylan conference of bringing culture-bearers and babaylan-inspired artists and scholars from the Philippines. Our dream budget is $50,000. We are holding this vision and sharing it with you so that you can help us in making sure this vision happens on April 17-18, 2010.

A sponsorship solicitation packet is now available. It describes the categories by which businesses, media sponsors, community organizations, and individuals can support the conference. If each one of you who has expressed an interest in supporting the conference will contact at least five potential sponsors, we will be on our way.

In addition, watch for "grassroots" sponsorship opportunities or create your own by hosting an event at your location. It could be something small like a special dinner or movie viewing at your home where funds could be gathered from guests and donated to the Center for Babaylan Studies through the International Humanities Center, the Center's fiscal sponsor. Center organizers and supporters will also be creating small sponsorship opportunities that will be posted here on the Babaylan Files.

We also have a list of volunteer opportunities on the Center for Babaylan Studies website. If you can help, please notify us by sending an email to:

Submitted by Leny Strobel with additional edits by Bec Mabanglo-Mayor.

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