Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Walking the Path of the Babaylan

The Babaylan knows very well that all things, all people, all existences are connected.
This is Sacred Internconnection which, in Filipino, is called pakikipagkapwa.

In the end, babaylan is merely a word. It is what it means that it is essential. The role and title of Babaylan carries with it great meaning and great service only in the sense that such leadership involves great responsibility.

We hope you benefit from discussing babaylan leadership in this conference in that you will make better decisions from moment to moment, and that you can better face head-on your personal challenges and, too, the challenges of our world.

For the sake of those we love.
And for the sake of those generations that we will never meet.

From the program of the FAWN2005 Conference, page 8. Click here for PDF excerpt from that program.

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